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10 Common Mistakes

Do you have the dedicated resources to monitor and make sure you avoid these top ten compliance mistakes?
  • Failing to Update Employee Manuals and Handbooks to Comply with New Laws / Regulations

  • Re-using old severance agreements The “1099 Employee.”

  • The overly generous employee evaluation

  • Failure to document performance and conduct issues

  • The Email Trail – smoking guns

  • Failure to protect confidential information – think through the use of confidentiality agreements and non-competes; treat confidential and trade secret information confidentially

  • Misclassifying employees as “exempt” – salaried does not mean exempt

  • Failure to properly train supervisors and managers in the handling of complaints of discriminatory conduct or harassment (including a failure to properly investigate)

  • Failure to follow policy/ Inconsistent procedures


When it comes to compliance one wrong turn can be disastrous
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