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Dependent Audit Verification

The intent of a Dependent Audit is to ensure that each dependent enrolled in your medical benefit program is accurately listed and eligible for coverage.

Studies show anywhere between 3%-8% of dependents covered by an employer's health plan are ineligible for coverage.  The return on investment of the Dependent Audit is between 300% and 600% for the first year.  We partner with BASIC to offer this service, contact us today for help with Dependent Audit Verification.

Reasons to Outsource

Resources and expertise: Our proven audit process provides the
resources and methodology needed to devote to a dependent eligibility
audit. Outsourcing relieves companies from committing to large
investments in technology and additional staffing.


Employee Relations: A Dependent Audit can be an anxiety-ridden event.
By outsourcing, the employer is mostly removed and is less likely to be
cast in a negative light.

HIPAA: While eligibility information doesn’t necessarily fall under HIPAA,
many companies prefer to err on the side of caution. Outsourcing helps
to ensure employee privacy.







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