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Goodbye Paper,
Hello Ease

Simplified Benefits and HR

A technology solution for you and your employees.

Ease is modern benefits administration and HR Software, supported by Financial Technology Employee Benefit Services.  Enrolling and managing benefits online eliminates paperwork, saving you and your employees time.

Ease was founded in 2015 with the idea that you shouldn't have to choose between working with your insurance broker and using benefits administration technology.   
Today more than 60,000 businesses across the country manage benefits and HR online, in partnership with their trusted benefits advisor.

Since 2015, Ease has enabled over 1.5 million employees to enroll in benefits online.

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Your employees will love it.

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Make Better Decisions

Eases helps your employees make smarter decisions by putting

copays, coverage, SBC's and actual costs at their fingertips.

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Conduct Faster Enrollments

Employees only enter their information once, are required to complete all fields, and can digitally sign their forms.

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Unlock 24/7 Access

Employees can access Ease via the web, mobile, or iOS and Android mobile app to view important details year-round.

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