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We gather information from many sources that we think you might be interested in knowing more about.  If you have any questions, please contact Doug Stacks


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FSA Eligible Expenses


Now that the plan year is in full swing, it's time to kick off year-round benefits education. Timely topics for new benefit participants and COBRA members can help you meet them where they're at, and health awareness events are great opportunities to highlight eligible expenses that consumers may not be aware of. Here are some topics to help you get started.

2023 Health Observance Calendar


Health awareness events in April include World Immunization Week, World Autism Awareness Day, National Minority Health Month, and more.

Help your clients stop stressing with NDT

Non-discrimination testing (NDT) prevents employers from unknowingly favoring highly paid employees with their benefits. Don’t let your clients go it alone. Offering NDT can help you and your clients.

Boost client satisfaction:

  • Empower your clients with self-service options to facilitate tests at their convenience

  • Streamline your client experience with an all-in-one solution to NDT compliance

Achieve your business goals:

  • Boost revenue by offering it as a standalone product

  • Offer it as a complimentary add-on to differentiate your solution

  • Help you expand beyond pre-tax benefits and COBRA

Don’t delay. We highly recommend that employers test early or in the middle of the plan year (no later than June 30). This mid-year testing helps determine if additional steps should be taken to make sure your clients can pass the required test by the end of the plan year.

The importance of disability insurance
What is disability insurance infographic
Disability Insurance Glossary
Disability Claims Checklist

Taking care of our vision and dental health is essential to overall well-being. Our eyes allow us to explore the world around us every day, while our mouths nourish our bodies and help us express ourselves. By prioritizing preventive care, you can avoid costly procedures and long-term health issues, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Here are some valuable vision and dental resources from our partners at NIS National Insurance Services.

10 Good Eye Health Habits
Combat Eye Strain
Are you using an in-network dentist?
The 2-2-2 Rule for Healthy Teeth
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